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Helping vs Selling!

Helping vs Selling

“Nothing happens until a sale is made.” It’s a slogan I’ve heard time and again throughout my career. Without selling, businesses fail, companies and families struggle. Community budgets strain under the burden of insufficient tax dollars. So, I guess selling solves all our problems. Or, does it?

Selling is as old as time itself. We are all always selling, aren’t we. Our kids are the best salespeople in the world. Why? They have no fear of rejection. “Dad can I “fill in the blank”? “No. Please? No!, Pleeaassee? I said, NO! But, every body else is… No! Come on, please???? Okay.” Now tell me, isn’t that the model of selling? You keep asking – eventually the prospect, err Dad, says yes.

Great salespeople have made fortunes selling Real Estate, Cars, Computers, etc, etc, etc. But many have failed outright or struggled along. Dreading the end of the month for various reasons. The least of which is there are bills to pay, and/or your company sales goal is looming like a tax deadline. Is it any wonder you hear so many people say, “I hate sales!”

Is it any wonder you can never get a real decision maker on the phone when you need to? Why is it so hard to get through? The Boss has hired a reception-ist, who’s sole job is to give you a rather chilly reception when you show up unannounced, or make an obvious “sales call”.

“Hi, can I speak to Mr. Buyer, please?” “Is this a sales call?” “Uh…Well…Um…” Click! I’m knocked out of the game before I get a chance to throw my first pitch.I tell you the President of the United States would be very well protected by some of the “Gate Keepers” I’ve encountered in my life.

Eventually, you get depressed or fired or both and you swear off a career in sales. Then it’s, Adios, financial security. I mean, we all know that in order to survive in this world we must take in more than we spend. Unless you are the Government. But I digress. So what’s the answer? If it’s not selling, then what? I’m glad you asked. The answer is “Helping!”

When you start the day by asking this question, “Who can I help today?”, you enter into an entirely different personal dynamic than if you ask, “Who can I sell my product or service to today?” But here’s the real difference between helping and selling. If you’re going to go the helping route – you have to mean it. You must totally embrace the concept of helping. And that means helping everyone. Not just someone who will spend money with you. You must create a ministry of helping.

If you make it about what you get back, you’re cheating yourself. If you make it about sneaking in a soft sales pitch under the guise of helping, you’ll be found out and lose all credibility. You must sell out to helping. You must focus your total being and effort on truly helping others. When you do – it’s a game changer! A Big Time Game Changer. Because — it changes You!

Start by making a list of who really needs your help. This list will include prospective customers. But it must also include non-customers. Family members, friends, business associates, strangers. We’re shifting from a career in selling, to a ministry of helping.

Now this is no get rich quick scheme. It will take a while to have an effect on your so-called bottom line. But it will have an immediate effect on your heart. And therefore, your life.

Here’s another sales saying – “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” When a customer really gets that you truly care about their needs more than your own, you will have gained more than just a customer. You will have made a friend. And real friends like to see their friends succeed.

I openly admit that most of my life has been all about me. Needless to say, my life was filled with discomfort and pain. Not in my body, but in my true heart. It’s worse than a clogged artery. I had a clogged spirit.

If you’re suffering from the same malaise… If you feel like you’re losing the daily battle, I invite you to change sides. I invite you to begin your own ministry of helping. You can start right now. You don’t need an office, a seminar or a new iPad. You just need a cause. And that cause is every person on this planet except you. It’s crazy, I know. But, I’m here to tell you it works.

Need help? I’m right here. frank@praisepower.us


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  1. What a writer. Love your thoughts. Keep on sharing.

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