A Blog & Podcast by Frank Eriksen

Daniel 4:6
New Living Translation (NLT)
6 So I issued an order calling in all the wise men of Babylon, so they could tell me what my dream meant.

Oh how I wish I could summon Daniel to tell me what my dreams mean. Don’t you? I’m not talking about dreams that occur while I sleep. I’m talking about dreams I have while awake. Dreams of my future. My career. My business. My calling. My mission in life.

So many dreams fly through my head at light speed. Should I do this? Should I do that? What if I do this? Will this business idea grow and prosper? Should I change careers? Shall I cash in all my chips, build an ark and sail around the world? Okay, I know it’s not that. But I have struggled mightily to learn God’s plan.

For decades I have cried out, “Just tell me what you want me to do God and I’ll do it. I’m tired of walking the wrong path. Help me find my true way home.” Alas, I get no answers. Only another dream.

Discovering my calling has become my calling. It’s been like a long drive, where each exit looks appealing but uncertainty and fear prevents me from turning off and discovering the road less traveled. I have talents and skills, but which will lead me to success and prosperity? Which idea will bear the most fruit? What goal, once achieved will bless me with the money and fame I so desire?

I have told God what I want to do and what I want to be and I want Him to make it happen. Is it any wonder why I’m struggling? I beseech the Lord, for all the earthly things I desire, never asking what He wants of me. Is it any wonder why I’m not truly happy? I present my goals to God and expect Him to get busy clearing my path to prominence and abundance. Is it any wonder why I’m confused and lost? My dreams have a broken compass. My hopes lay dormant. My illusions of grandeur hang like fog above my predestined journey. Until one day. One day…

Until one day, I gave in to God. I decided to listen to His words of direction I’d heard for decades but ignored. The more I gave in to Jesus and His direction, the more I learned the true meaning of contentment. I may never be rich and famous and that’s okay. Today I have a plan and I’m not driving into darkness. Instead I’m just along for the ride, doing my share of the work God has given in a dream so many nights ago.

Music is my passion. Words are my calling. My dream is that you too will find your way through this mysteriously wonderful journey called life.

Today’s song: “Jesus Take The Wheel” Carrie Underwood.


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