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The Voice Of Truth.

truth wins out

Psalm 85:10-11(NLT)
10 Unfailing love and truth have met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed! 11 Truth springs up from the earth, and righteousness smiles down from heaven.

Wow! What a powerful verse! Unfailing love, truth, righteousness and peace. That’s the spiritual equivalent of Superman, Batman, Ironman and Spiderman teaming up together to fight evil. Oh, wait that’s what they do. Okay, that’s in fantasy land. The kind of love, truth, righteousness and peace we’re talking about in Psalm 85 is real life, here on earth, in a battle everyday kind of stuff.

You can have all the love, righteousness and peace you want but without truth – you’re fighting not only a losing battle but an unnecessary one at that. To me it’s truth that makes it all matter. We’ve all experienced failing love, unrighteousness and chaos. But you cannot experience untrue truth. Truth is not a two sided coin. It either is or it isn’t. There is no such thing as partial truth. It’s true – or it’s not. That’s what makes the Gospel of Christ so powerful. It’s the truth!

In the battle for your soul, in the war between good and evil spiritual forces are at play and both sides want to win. Temptation, fear, chaos and lies are out in force. But tell me, what can stand against the powers of unfailing love, righteousness, peace and truth that comes from the creator of the universe.

Are you listening to the Voice Of Truth or the prince of darkness?

When evil whispers lies in your ears. Listen to the Voice Of Truth. When fear tells you to give up and turn back, listen to the Voice Of Truth. When hate calls you names – listen to the Voice Of Truth. If heartache has you doubled up in pain – listen to the Voice Of Truth. When the prince of lies tells you “go ahead, no one will ever know.” Listen to the Voice Of Truth.

The enemy spreads lies, hate, heartache, and fear. All to trip you up and bring you down. But the Voice Of Truth protects you with love, fills you with righteousness and surrounds you with peace.

There are so many more good things that are happening in the world than evil things. But it’s the evil things that get all the headlines. But look between the headlines and you will see unfailing love, righteousness, peace and truth saving the day.

To who will you listen? I will choose to listen and believe the Voice Of Truth.

Today’s song: “The Voice Of Truth” – Casting Crowns.

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