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praiseful woman
Proverbs 31:26
26 She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

The power of a praiseful woman can have a tremendous effect on the life of a man. A man can learn a lot from a praiseful woman. And, of course, a praiseful woman can garner much from a praiseful man. The point is, one blesses the other. Together they bring out the best in each other. Not by intimidating, nagging or jealous coercion – but by the power of their love for God and therefore each other.

I have been struggling financially for the past few months. So much so that it has taken a toll on my spirit. These struggles have served a mighty purpose. One, to teach me to reply on God. And two, to teach me what an incredible wife He has blessed me with.

I attach way to much self-worth to money. When business is good – I’m happy and outgoing. When business isn’t as good as I want it to be, I can stress out, close off, become sullen and grumpy. And guess who gets the brunt of all that? That’s right. My wife.

Lately business has been really slow, putting a strain on our savings. On top of that, I’m sporting a very arthritic left knee that needs replacing and the combination of the two has made me a very unpleasant fellow.

I’ve been so down on myself, I’ve thought about offering to move out of our house so as to not be a burden to my bride. Through all this she has been doing all the shopping, cooking and yard work. Working full time as a Case Worker for Boulder County Social Services. Plus, caring for me as I endure severe knee pain, depending on how much I attempt to walk.

Last night I told her how much I appreciated all she had been doing for me. I told her what a blessing she has been throughout a stressful time for both of us. I was expecting some sort of a “Oh, don’t worry about it” reply, but she just sort of nodded and thanked me for acknowledging her amazing efforts to hold our life together.

This morning while having coffee with a friend, Karen called on my cell phone. She said, “Have you got a minute?” Nervously, I said I did. Silently wishing I hadn’t. Her next few words took me a bit by surprise. (Oh me of little faith.) She said, “Frank, I want you to know that our financial struggles and your inability to do much around the house because of your damaged knee has not diminished my love for you one bit. We’re in this together and we’ll get through it together.” I was speechless. Humbled and I immediately thanked God for my incredible wife.

Needless to say, those words affected something in my soul. Those words landed hard in a place in my heart that I keep much too hidden. Those words didn’t just change my mood. They have changed my life. Karen’s words comforted me in a way I cant explain. Those words came from the heart of a praiseful woman. A Godly woman. An angel. My angel…

Karen is the foundation of our house. Our marriage. Our lives. The Bible says a man is the head of his household. The man is the leader. And I agree. But sometimes it takes a power of a praiseful woman to show him in which direction to go.

Today’s Song: “I Have A Song.” – Shannon Wexelberg


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