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When Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all the world” he was talking to you. And me. Here’s 5 easy things you can put into action right now.

Pray. This is always numero uno. Ask God to bring people who need His love across your path. Ask Him to show you where to shine your light.

Think. If someone walked up to you right now and said, “Why should I follow Jesus?” Do you know how to respond?

Prepare. You may want to prepare exactly what you’re going to say to a person who asks about your faith. You can also carry Bible tracts to hand out. Their inexpensive and effective. Find one or two that speak to your heart. Those are the ones to order and distribute.

Smile. If the Spirit of the Lord is within you – show it! Let your face reflect God’s love and kindness.

Act. Growing your Ministry Of One doesn’t always involve preaching. In fact, you may not be gifted in that area. Sometimes it just takes keeping your heart and mind open to where God is working and joining in the fun. Fixing a meal for elderly people in your neighborhood. Helping a single mom repair something around the house. God never calls anyone into ministry without equipping them with what they need. Just step out in faith. And be prepared to be amazed at what happens.

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Tomorrow’s Podcast – “Is Praying A Waste Of Time?”

Until then, Stay blessed. Stay busy.

Frank Eriksen


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  1. Frank Eriksen said:

    What’s so hard about sharing love & forgiveness?

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