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About Me

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Hi! Welcome to the Praise Power Blog & Podcast. Thank you for visiting.

Praise Power is written and produced by your’s truly to help spread the Good News of Christ.

I keep it “un-preachy”. Mainly, because I’m not a preacher and I’m not a judge. The only person I judge is myself.

I have been a bartender, a waiter, a Radio DJ, a musician, and a roadie for Blue Oyster Cult.

I am a full-time Voice Over Artist. I’m also a writer/blogger, podcaster and – soon to be – author.

I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I grew up on Long Island and escaped to Colorado in October of 1973. Although raised Catholic, I became a Christian in July of 1994.

Evidence of God working in my life: My wife and I have 2 cats. I used to really, really, really hate cats. And I used to really, really, really hate God. I’m so glad He didn’t really, really, really hate me.

My favorite food is Barbeque. My favorite color is Pizza.

I hope you’ll find this blog/podcast interesting and relatable and I hope you’ll pay close attention to the lyrics of the songs that close each podcast. If you like what you hear – please share this site with others.

Thanks again for coming by.

Frank Eriksen


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